How to incorporate research in agency-based agile product development

Why is rapid user research the essence to truly successful product development? In times of exponential growth of digital connectivity and information overload, we are experiencing a constant flow of innovation, disruption, — and sometimes chaos — that is moving us ahead, even faster than we have ever imagined. As a result it is nowadays crucial to place the human being at the center of our attention and thus also of our design process. Making design decisions without focusing on the human perspective can lead to assumption based conclusions that tend…

Written by Anjuli Sethi and Hanna Rosinski

In early March 2020, we proposed to conduct contextual user research where we would interview people on their comparison process when buying a car. We set up a research plan, recruited for interviews, designed participatory conversation objects, and, as always, had everything ready to go. Within twenty-four hours, a strict lockdown was imposed in Germany, and we quickly realized we had to shift our way of working immediately. It seemed so dramatic at the time, but little did we know that this mode of working would become the norm for all of 2020…

Hanna Rosinski

UX Researcher @SinnerSchrader

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